New Knowledge Adventures Mission

Helping you learn, develop, and grow.

Mature couple viewing map during NKA Treasure Valley field trip.

New Knowledge Adventures puts an entire world of learning at your feet for only $35. NKA is your ticket to sharpening your mind, learning new skills, and exploring our unique corner of the world and its treasures. You’ll be taught by enthusiastic people who have a passion for their subjects and for sharing them with others — and we’re sure their love for their subjects will rub off on you, too!

NKA is designed to be participatory, self-directed, and fascinating. Our goal is to help you learn and develop the neuroplasticity that will keep your brain functioning as young as you feel. And who knows — with all of these opportunities to socialize, move, and explore, you might even develop a few new friends, too!

There are more than 80 classes just waiting for you. Are you ready to discover your next New Knowledge Adventure?

You’ll discover opportunities to socialize, exercise, and give your curiosity a good workout.

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